Where is our money?

Dear editor hide my identity for fear of intimidations from the superiors.
I work for the government of republic of zambia as a health worker.

When I started work in 2008 there was a scheme which was called Zambia Health Workers Retention Scheme.It was based on based on health workers to be attracted to work in remote and rural area part of our country such as kaputa and Chilubi Islands.

This was a good move as workers got attracted to this and everyone on the scheme was required to sign a contract with government through their respective Human Resource Personels and it was for period of three years and gradiute would be paid after that. An amount was given depending on the qualification of a particular person monthly.It all started well not until 2012 the monies stopped reaching our accounts and as we had served the period which was binding in the contract our dues are no where to be seen.

On several occasions we have been told to sign the forms and people from Lusaka collect them but nothing, not even a single penny is given to us.
We last signed the forms in early January but upto now nothing has been done despite assurances from the authorities that things will be sorted out.Now my question for P.S are monies going to be paid?.Us we have served according to the contract we had signed.We have waited for too long and there is anger and frustrations amongest the workers who were entitled to this.I rest my case.

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