Where is our parents’ money from ZCCM?

Good afternoon Zambian Watchdog, This is one of your greatest fans from Kabwe.

I appreciate your good work a whole lot and so I would like you to help me with finding out information on the money that has been stolen from the former ZCCM of 1996 employees which Mr Sata promised the people of Kabwe to give the moment he becomes president.

I am a daughter to a single mother who is a former ZCCM employee, and I would like to know were the money is and when the money willl be given to the poor people of Kabwe because apparently this case was taken to court and the former employees won the case through a lawyer called Professor M’vunga, but releasing the money and giving it to the people is what has been an issue,,when asked,professor M’vunga always tells people to go ask ZCCM, and ZCCM when asked always tells people to go ask their Lawyer,,,and this is what makes everything unclear,the people are not even provided with information concerning this matter,,please help

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