Where is Our President?

A time of economic and political nationwide anxiety calls for the true mark of a nation’s leadership to rise to the occasion and provide leadership and ease the suffering of the people.

A number of things have happened in the recent months that his Excellency has not dared to address: From the warring killings in his Patriotic Front to the deteriorating labour situation in the health sector. On the recent killing with machetes, his Excellency the President, M.C. Sata remarked saying (translated from Nyanja): Today your friends are in trouble, tomorrow it may be you. And all was quiet. To him, he had addressed the situation-by warning or reminding the cadres from the ‘other’ camps that perhaps tomorrow it will be them to be killed with machetes by the ‘other’ camp. And that is all you get from our Excellency, nothing else, lives lost, people injured and all he says is that tomorrow the other camp may get it too? Obviously this man has no care for human life. If he could fail to provide leadership for his party, I cry for my county which is larger than the PF. Will he rise to the occasion?

After 10 years in the opposition, this man has now proved to be a disappointment. A hugs one for that matter.

I have heard that the Zambian president has argued that there is no need for a new constitution shortly before he receives the draft constitution he set forth to be reviewed. Surely, why did we waste all that money on a process he was not keen to see completed and whose outputs he is not interested in? And what’s with printing only 10 copies?

He has today fired through the public service commission, nurses and other health practitioners who were on strike for the salary increases promised and agreed upon.

Now surely, this man is proving to be terminally untrustworthy and close to being disturbed. Surely it was said from the start that there was something wrong in his head, and each passing year convinces me and many others more strongly that this man is an obsessive confidence-trickster.

For those that watched Chanda Chimba III’s documentaries, you would agree that if there was a noble prize in political prophesy, Chanda Chimba would undoubtedly be unmatched in his explanation of the future we now live in under the PF. Indeed, a prophet has no honour in his home time. We demonised CCIII and called him names, yes, we did. And today, we live in the gory future he warned us of.

Our president has repeatedly told lies to this great nation of Zambia prior to and during his presidency. To the extent that he even believes what he says, he is delusional. To the extent that he does not, he is an actor whose first invention — himself — has been his only interesting role.

He prides himself in having the rugs to riches story in Zambian politics. Indeed, that is admirable Mr. Sata but when all is said and done and you are the president, who cares where you have been when the country needs your leadership? Who cares if you suffered in the opposition when millions more still suffer under your leadership? Who cares if you struggled when millions more still suffer and struggle? Who cares if you didn’t have a job when you make people lose jobs with your knee jerk reactory kind of leadership? When you freeze employment for years? When you fire the core workforce of our health system sentencing many of us to permanent ill health and death, which, as you have now learnt does not discriminate? Isn’t it ironic that your deputy of health minister (MHSRIP) died the day you fired all the health workers who have many children to look after and school bills to pay, yet, you lied to them about free education? And today, you say it was easy to say that in the opposition.

Country mean, does our president have advisors? What is their role?

Today Mr. Sata, your Excellency you own a Private Limited Liability Company with our ‘Learned’ Minister of Justice. Did it have to take you to be president to realise your business acumen? Suddenly you realised just how good a businessman you are with our Minister of Justice that in your head, as President of the Sovereign Republic saw it fit to register a company which will, among others, bid for contracts in Road Construction under the RDA which is now in your bedroom at state house under the Board Chairmanship of Willie Nsanda, your campaign manager, without a board. Mr. President, are you sane? You have institutionalised corruption and abuse of office Mr. President to the greatest extent possible.

Be warned, Mr. President: Do not confuse the power of the office you currently hold with who you truly are. When you are gone and are no longer president, these things will haunt you. Ask RB.

Isn’t it strange that the President of our country can’t even urge his Party to back his own position? That every day the minister of information will have to ‘interpret’ what the president is saying, that we shouldn’t take the president ‘literally’ when he speaks?

The man is Weak! Very weak! Extremely Weak!

Indeed, I would echo Fr. Frank Bwalya’s words: The Sata we voted for is not with us anymore! We have a shadow of the once great future and revolutionary leader of modern day Zambian politics.

It feels like he left a long time ago, leaving this Michael Sata shaped hole that carries on talking through a press aide. And when it talks directly, the Minister of Information has to interpret.

Where is the President? Now, more than ever, we need his leadership. If he can’t do it for the party, atleast show some leadership for the country.


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