Where is PF?

Where is PF?


1.Coppernelt province -Mwakalombe -MMD
2.Lsk pro-Bowmam Lusambo  -MMd die-hard
3.Eastern prov-Makebi-MMD
4-Northen prov -Mundubile-MMD
5.Northwest-UPND for a change-kakoma
6.Finance -Mwanakatwe -MMD
7.Works & Supply – Nkuwa -MMD
8.Foreign affairs – Malanji-MMD
9.Transport -Mutati -MMD president
10.Local govt -Vincent -MMD (member of central commitee)
11.Information-Dora siliya-MMD (member of cental committee)
12.Youth &Sport – MMD
13.Community Dev-Olipa -MMD (RBs niece)
14.Agriculture -Katambo -MMD
15.Health -Chitalu Chilufya MMD(member of central committee)
16.Religious Affairs-Am not sure  most likely Heritage?????

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    nanaka 1 week ago


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    blair 1 week ago

    @dominic… uli tallay. PF was started by ba SATA dont bring in your illogical logic.

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    SATA 1 week ago

    wait until i resurrect kikiki panyo ma zambians

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    Dominic 1 week ago

    Why dont you start with Sata ( MHSRIP ) who was MMD National Secretary but left and formed PF.The people you have listed are no longer MMD members just like those in UPND LIKE Hon Musokotwane,Prof Lungwangwa,Mama Mutale Nalumango ( all MMD ), Hon Lubinda who was in UPND.

    ONCE PEOPLE HAVE CHANGED THEIR STATUS THEY ASSUME THEIR PRESENT POSITION.Once a single person marries,you no longer refer to them as single which was their former social status.tHE PEOLPE YOU HAVE LISTED HAVE MOVED ON.SO CHANGE YOUR LENSES ALSO.

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    KUPUSA 1 week ago

    panyo mmd panyo rb and all zambians

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    sipinya sa ng'aka 1 week ago

    Who cares if only they could bring the kwacha to where it was during rb time. But this is impossible with chitotela at infrastructure contracting loans all over the shore!

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    Foreigner Lungu came to kill PF he is not Zambian so why are you complaining? The writing is clear just look at Unza crisis,is that how a Zambian President would react?