Sata back home, oh no not in Zambia. But where is he?

Sata back home, oh no not in Zambia. But where is he?

Last seen with other dictators in Ethiopia

Sata was last seen talking to Mugabe and Museveni

Conflicting information on the whereabouts of president Michael Sata has been thrown into the public domain.

Last week, Sata went to attend an African Union Summit in Ethiopia. The summit ended two days ago on January 28, 2013 and all presidents have returned to the countries and were welcomed by their officials on their respective airports.

Not in Zambia. According to the Daily Mail, government newspaper  Sata left Ethiopia on Tuesday. It does not say where he headed to. The Post Newspaper, a privately owned but pro-government Tabloid claims they saw the president arriving in the country on Tuesday and even told the PF propaganda wing as describing the AU summit a success as there were no hitches.

But sources at Kenneth Kaunda International airport say they did not see Sata land, except his presidential challenger that was carrying Justice Minister Winter Kabimba and other government officials. A check at State House show that those soldiers who stand like robots at the gate when the president is inside were not there.

Meanwhile, there is rumor that Sata went to UK from Ethiopia. What he went to do will be known by the end of the day as the Watchdog is on the ground trying to locate the president throughout the world.

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