‘Where there is no vision people perish’

Dear editor,
Sometimes I wonder if Zambia is a cursed nation.Fifty years of political independence we are still languishing in abject povert.When I try to reflect on what has led to this, 1991 comes to memory.
We were bewitched by the enemy of our destiny. The youthful generation could not take heed to admonition of the elders. Overtaken by the curse, chose MMD who destroyed the foundations layed by KK. The first 10 years of MMD was a disaster. As the Bible puts it, “when the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do”. God answered the cries of his people and the third term bid spearheaded by Sata and his master failed. God gave us Levy. We were back on track. He was a visionary leader. The enemies of development despised him but continued with his vision of development. After his demise which was accelerated by Sata and the PF, we got Banda. Despite being visionless, he rode on the success of Levy.
Remember, ” where there is no vision people perish”. In 2011 the curse.
was rekindled. The youthful generation once again put us in trouble. Despite warnings from the elders on the leadership deficiencies in Sata, the youth went ahead to give him a vote. He had no written vision for the country. His first days in state house were diaasterous. This earned him a name ,”CHIMBWI NO PLAN”. The success he scored on infrastructure development was a road map left by Levy and started by Banda.
Country men and women,the youth of this great nation, let us overcome this curse and go beyond tribal and partsan choices so that we put our country back on the road to develoment. LUNGU has told us he is VISIONLESS. These are wonders from God. He has brought confusion in PF as a way of guiding us from the path of destruction. Failure to pay the farmers and increasing retirement age have come at this time to awaken the nation from making the wrong choice. Above all the self confession that he, LUNGU,is a VISIONLESS LEADER. The rains stopped him from mending his self confession. God is at work.

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