Evil forces: wherever there is death, PF wins the election

Dear editor,

The PF uses dark forces and human sacrifices to win elections. It is clear that there is something beyond mortal man in what is going in this country. Specifically, I think the PF wins elections by the help of evil forces. The coincidence between PF winning elections and suspicious deaths is too much. Why is that that wherever there is death or serious violence, the PF wins elections?

It began in late May 2008. Some opposition leader was flown half dead to South Africa having suffered multiple heart and intestinal problems.

A lot of people expected him to come back as cargo.

Four days later and while he was still hospitalised, his son in Lusaka died suddenly without being sick.

A week later, the dad who was on deathbed in Johannesburg recovered immediately and returned to Lusaka.

Mere coincidence? Think Again.

To win the presidential by-election in 2011, three ‘buffaloes’ had to be sacrificed. These included a former president and two Catholic priests.

Exactly a month before the 2011 general elections, Mongu Catholic Diocese Bishop Paul Duffy died. Coincidence? Remember how the PF leadership used his funeral to campaign and denounce the then government? Father Duffy was also a strong supporter of the PF and spoke openly about regime change.

But the biggest sacrifice was former president Fredrick Chiluba. Chiluba died mysteriously on July 18, 2011 after meeting some current senior PF officials. He was not sick and was very well during the day. He just died that day.

Exactly a month after the PF was ushered into power, Father Miha Drevensek, a Ndola- based Catholic priest and Mission Press director was sacrificed.

Obviously this was to thank the god of PF. Father MIha was a also a PF supporter behind the doors.

Since that time, we have had a number of by-elections at parliamentary and local government level. A steady analysis reveals dark forces at work.

Let me give you a few examples of where Satan has helped the PF win elections by sacrificing cadres or just other people passing by.

You will see that that the pattern is that wherever there had been death or bloody letting, the PF emerged winner.

Patriotic Front member Crispin Menyani Zulu was killed in the Rufunsa local government election. The PF went ahead and won those elections. The police tried unsuccessfully to link the opposition to the murder.

Then came Mufumbwe. Well, there was no death recorded but there was bloody letting in terms of violence.

But most important, the PF candidate who won the elections a month later sacrificed his baby boy. The boy was found floating in a swimming pool. Who does that? Has that kind of thing ever happened in Zambia?

Then there was the Mpongwe by-election, which was won by Gabriel Namulambe. Who does not remember the deaths on the roads leading to Mpngwe just before the elections?

The Livingstone by-election was worse. It had to be suspended due to violence and sacrifices.

Two PF cadres had to die to guarantee victory.

The first one was a cousin/cook for the PF campaign manager Obviuos Mwaliteta. The second sacrifice another PF official Henry Chanda.

The PF had to win that election with a large margin. Voters were under a spell just like in the presidential elections in 2011. They didn’t know where to cast the vote.

A month later, the winning PF candidate had to offer another sacrifice by crushing a baby to death in what looked like a road accident. What is it that these PF officials find so useful?

In Kapiri Mponshi where there was no death recorded but just a few violent attacks sponsored by Sylvia Masebo, the PF almost lost the election. The margin was very narrow.

But, here is what is very important: In Lukulu there was no single incidence of violence recorded. The PF lost that election with a huge margin.

Lets go to Feira.

UPND supporters were sacrificed by the PF. Later, soldiers were ordered to spill more blood.

What were the results of the by-election?

The question though is, who is going to be sacrificed for the 2016 presidential elections, KK or RB?




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