Whether or not you vote for us, we will remain in power, Scott tells Livingstone

Ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott has told the people of Livingstone that whether they vote for the PF candidate Joseph Akafumba or not, the government will not change.

Scott made the boasting remarks during a church service attendedhis wife Charlotte at St Mary’s Christ The King Parish, in Libuyu.
Scott asked the Church to vote for Patriotic Front Candidate Joseph Akafumba in the July 5th Parliamentary bye-elections.

He said the youths in the church needed not only jobs but they also needed husbands who are employed.

”I’m here to introduce our candidate Josephs Akafumba. Even if you don’t vote for him, government is not changing but I want you to vote
for this man who is close to me, who is close to the President and who is close to government,” he said.

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