Which church do you go to, Lungu challenged

Edgar Lungu is not a Christian. He is just out there to hoodwink the christian masses for a vital vote.
Just imagine, he has failed to tell the nation his CHURCH HISTORY. He has been challenged to tell the nation the following:-
1» Which church has he been going to before becoming a useless President?
2» Who has been his Pastor/Reverend/Priest etc before becoming the president and he is still a bonafide member of this very church despite becoming the Head of State.
3» When was he baptised in water and where?
4» Is he filled in the holy spirity?
5» If he is filled in the holy spirity why is he still actively beer drinking?
6» Who are his known fellow church members that can attest that he is a member of the same church that he goes to!
7» Is he a Tither?
8» If he is a born again why has he allowed the so called Christians for Lungu to continue attacking his fellow believer HH who is a known SDA?

Please Mr. Lungu answer these questions today on a live interview and not thtrough your spokesperson!
I rest my case. Yours in wait of truthful answers.

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