Which Israeli president will Sata meet in Tel Aviv?

Which Israeli president will Sata meet in Tel Aviv?

Shimon Peres, the president of Israel will be travelling to the USA on Monday June 23, 2014.

But according the Zambian government, Perez will be having meetings with president Michael Sata whom they claim arrived in Israel at the invitation of Perez.

By the way, the Capital city of Israel is Jerusalem not Tel Aviv where according to the PF government president Michael Sata has gone.

See the lies in the Post newspaper here http://postzambia.com/post-read_article.php?articleId=50587

In fact, Israeli president Perez who is leaving for the USA tomorrow was this Sunday (June 22) evening meeting some people at his palace in Jerusalem.

See here http://www.jewishpress.com/news/breaking-news/president-peres-meets-with-esther-pollard-prior-to-his-us-trip/2014/06/22/

Here are the addresses of the president, prime minister and parliament (The Knesset) of Israel all based in the capital Jerusalem

The Office of the President

Hanassi St.

Jerusalem 92188

Tel: 972-2-6707211

Fax: 972-2-5610037

Website: http://www.president.gov.il/


The Knesset

Kiryat Ben-Gurion

Jerusalem 91950

Tel: 972-2-6753333

Fax: 972-2-6521599

E-mail Knesset Members

Website: http://www.knesset.gov.il/

Prime Minister’s Office

3 Kaplan St.

P.O.B. 187

Kiryat Ben-Gurion

Jerusalem 91919

Tel: 972-2-6705555

Fax: 972-2-5664838

Website: http://www.pmo.gov.il/

E-mail: pm_eng@pmo.gov.il

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