Which toilets is minister Kabanshi talking about?

Please editor publish this letter, but not  my  name.

I write to comment on the Launch of the World Toilet Day  which falls today the 19th November 2011 by Hon Emmerine Kabanshi , the  Minister of Local Government and Housing on our National  Broadcaster ZNBC yesterday.

The minister laboured to lecture to the  nation on the importance of the  toilets  and that it’s a right for all the people to have a toilet.

Surprisingly this is the minister in whose constituency toilets are no known, what she was saying yesterday on ZNBC is very contrary with what is obtaining in her own home. not even where her constituency office is .

I doubt if there is a toilet or if she has made  an effort to make one.

To lecture to the Nation like that was the highest hypocrisy displayed. She even insulted her own people by telling the people in the fishing camps not to answer to the call of nature in the river, when she knows very well all the way from Chinsaka to Nsamba there is no toilet.

She can do better to work with some International NGOs like water aid to improve sanitation in her area because today Luapula constituency is the poorest, in terms of sanitation.

She must also be visiting the area, the people are likely to have a resident there as an MP because he will be able to understand the situation, not the likes of Machungwas and herself Kabanshi .

Mama release the  constituency development funds to improve sanitation in your area then you can walk the talk of being the  minister of Local Government and  housing , don’t keep it use it wisely.

Concerned  Citizen


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