While Masebo, Mukwita, others are enjoying in USA, no salaries for workers

Dear editor
It is sad that while tourism minister Sylvia Masebo is busy enjoying herself in USA, we do not know when we are going to get our salaries. Management is saying that all the signatories are in America. January is always a difficult month of the year and yet we are stuck with nothing. Do you want us to poach animals so that we find money to sent our kids to school?
We get little enough money for ZAWA to delay paying us our dues. Just imagine wildlife police officers do not even qualify to pay tax (PAYE) because they get way below KR2000. in my language ZAWA means they have fallen..miss masebo has ZAWA fallen. while we appreciate you firing our former pompous Directors- although you did that illegally- know that we are watching you. we are ardent conservers please do not turn us into poachers.
When a ZAWA officer retires, they maximum they get paid is about KR5000. No wonder most die just after retirement. Masebo stop talking smart and fix our problems. Talking will not solve our woes.
Masebo and Daily Mail Deputy Editor Antony Mukwitwa and others are currently in USA,
Grieving wildlife police officer.

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