While we are busy detecting tribes from our last names

While we are busy detecting tribes from our last names

The ACC does not investigate or prosecute serving ministers or those close to the President. The Anti Corruption Commission has become nothing but political gun used to shoot down those that don’t agree with the president or the government. If the responsibility to fight corruption is left for the anti corruption alone, Zambia will be like “umulembwe wachipuba”, politicians will just be coming steal and leave. According to them politicians only become corrupt when they leave offices.

Our Churches have made peace with the government, they have abandoned the route that Jesus Christ prescribed for his followers but have chosen the route prescribed by the government. They fight the devil in spirit but dance with him in physical. They call for prayers, praying for peace between good and evil instead of fighting evil by doing good. They want Jesus to deal with the evil whilst they get paid for protecting the evil.

Our UNIONS have died. ZCTU the body that spoke and fought for the interests of the working class is no longer powerful. Student unions have succumbed to fear. The working population has no voice anymore. Our students have no voices either. They suffer in peace because this is a peaceful country. If you do not speak for our workers no one will. If you do not speak for our students, no one will.

Our Civil society organisations have also decided to make peaceful relations with the government. They fear deregistration more than they fear doing wrong.

We have been broken and divided, we don’t look at each other as a nation but as tribes. We no longer have the unity that can work for betterment of our country because we allowed ourselves to be divided. We exist as tribes now. A divided people is a vulnerable people. Whilst we busy detecting tribes from our last names someone is stealing millions of dollars from our country. My brothers and sisters, if we do not unite as a country we are doomed.

We are now just individuals living in one country. The only thing that matters now is personal things. Today the Zambian worker is been taxed in all possible fronts. Everyone is looking for their personal interests and we’ve forgotten about the collective responsibility to protect and build a greater country.
As a Zambian you must care because this is your country. No matter how much you make for yourself the world will only give you the respect that your country deserves. If we do not fight this public misuse of state funds, who will?

We may not succed in stopping the public misuse of our monies but we have to try. I am only an artist who loves his country and its people everything i do is purely for the love of my country. I do not have much to myself but i would rather be in a respected home than in home of thieves and plunderers. I am playing my part….play yours.


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