Whistle-blower: Ministry of health split into two

Dear Mr. Editor,
Allow me space in your esteemed paper to alert the nation on one unfortunate quiet re-alignment that has happened, all at the hands of a few selfish politicised and political people.

The announcement is scheduled for the next few days.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has quietly been split into two with one half donated to the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health (MCDMCH).

The implication is that district hospitals, health centres and health posts are now falling under the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health and the name has been changed to Ministry of Community Development and Primary Health. This is another careless re-alignment that has not been thought through.

The sad part is that the people behind this are claiming to be doing it on behalf of the President, the First lady and the PF.

What is interesting is that this is another case of functions following individuals. The Minister, Deputy Minister and the Permanent Secretary of MCDCH are all doctors and they want their profession to follow them at the expense of the gazetted mandate of the Ministry.

Is it correct for the current Minister of Health and His Permanent Secretary to be so afraid and just give in and say after all, it will be less headaches for MoH? Haven’t we learned enough from careless re-alignments? Is this a priority? Why is it being done in secrecy at the expense of even unions?

Haven’t we seen how immunisation and vaccinations have been adversely affected already by moving of functions. Can you imagine that referrals will be between one ministry to another? The issues are many.

Our appeal is that the Government and the PF must come out in the open and state its position, otherwise, forget about MDGs and development in the face of such selfish and careless experiments.

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