Whistle-blower: Sata to evict 43 families in Mpika, demolish their houses?

Dear Watchmen on the walls of Zion.

Thank you for informing the nation on various issues affecting the nation. Without you this great nation would be “total load shedding of credible news”

Please investigate this story involving the president in Mpika. Over 43 families are facing eviction and demolition of their houses on the premise that they built on President Sata’s land.

It is believed that in 1984 President Sata acquired 204 hectares of land within 1km of Mpika Boma.

How possible can one on earth own such a big chunk of “land as big as Singapore’ within 1km of Central Business District.

The area affected is called Kasanova. The affected families have since taken the case to court and sought the services of a lawyer.

Please Watchdog give us the facts about this issue on your paper that digs deeper. The affected families are crying day in day out.

I wait in anticipation to hear the facts of this case.”

Mpika resident

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