White farmer grabs land from 210 families

A white farmer in Choma district has grabbed land from 210 families.

Pearce Consell, the owner of Rushford Farm says he has court orders to remove villagers from a 200 hectares land near his farm. But the villagers argue that it is their land and that they have stayed on that land from time immemorial and most were born right there. The villagers also argue that the land is the source of their livelihood as it is along a river where they grow crops.

The affected land is Located in Choma District near Chibusia Village about 30Km from Town.

The farmer has even terminated the employment of local people who were working for him saying they are now his enemies.

One of the affected villages explained that ‘there is no record or a map which shows that it belongs to that Dutch man.

‘This Dutch man has been forcing the people to vacate and we tried to seek help in most government offices but we were not considered. When we refused to leave the land he took the case to the high court in Lusaka where we Lost more than K20, 000 eventually we just heard that we have to leave the Land at the spot without waiting to harvest our crops.

‘As it is at now, the Whiteman is fencing and we are suffering a lot as we have nowhere to make gardens.’

Maybe this is one case area MP Cornelius Mweetwa can show his metal on instead of just concentrating only on issues in Lusaka while people who gave him a job are being chased from their ancestral land.

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