Whither to Felix Mutati?

Whither to Felix Mutati?

felixmutatiBy Dr. Robert Mtonga

With the Zambian High Court having thrown out of the window the injunction Honourable Felix Mutati prayed for challenging his expulsion from the Movement for Multiparty Democracy(MMD)Party by its National Executive Committee, the path ahead appears not only tortuous but dark, uncertain, slippery and fraught with dangers lurking menacingly at very twist and turn for this son of the soil.
Here is one of Zambia’s most illustrious sons with a halo of political illumination evidently upon him ostensibly being consigned to the national political archives in real time right in front of our incredulous eyes!

Love him or hate him, Mutati is an enigma, a doyen, a prized possession. His possible imminent departure from the Zambian political scene has no doubt sent shivers across the breath and length of the land of our birth. It is an omen that does not bode well for our erstwhile great nation, it may be feared greatly.

Many rationally-minded patriots will agree, without blushing, that Mutati was, (and in the past tense we must speak) a man of great promise. It was not uncommon to whisper, in great admiration and reverence, his name from lip to ear and ear to lip in those heady days of his service to our nation as a Minister of Commerce and Industry, by all who cared to follow his political foot-steps and big foot-steps they were I venture to say!

It is fair to say that in having taken the MMD to court, Mutati, may have just made an error of judgment of titanic proportions, that he may tearfully live to regret. Who said the great and might cannot fall far, foully and fatally?

It is within the realms of possibilities of course that this good man, like the proverbial phoenix, will rise yet again and have the last laugh when all is said and done.

Indeed there is yet hope in hell that time, that keeper and concealer of secrets, surprises, upsets and wow moments, in its fullness will restore Mutati to his former resplendent political glory.

Those well -schooled in wisdom will know that it would serve their turn to hold their horses and rather wait until 11 August 2016 to see what this magnum of a man will morph into.

Ah, but what a collector’s item Mutati’ epitaph may turn out to be when the chronicler’s ink will finally have dried up and the last wreath gingerly laid on the headstone of this man’s political tomb…

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