Who is ‘killing’ Zambian soccer?

By Michael  ‘Ba Zambia’ Muchinga

Zambian football has seen both the good and the bad times. The good times could range from the first time we reached the AFCON final in 1974 followed by the glory times of 1988 in Seoul which saw Zambia produce (for the first time in history of Southern Africa which is yet to be broken and may take another decade to be broken) an African footballer of the year. Hit by a tragedy in 1993 but rose like an eagle in 1994 to reach the AFCON finals again. Further we performed well in 1996 in South Africa, where Zambia scored a 10 by producing the top scorer of the tournament; coincidentally this is the man that is holding the record of being the only player from Southern Africa to be crowned footballer of the year on the continent.

After we went down in performance we had a lot of people blaming a lot of other people but WHO REALLY IS KILLING OUR GAME??????


The media has done well to bring out issues that have been debated upon as well as very informative news. However, in our country, the media has destroyed a lot of players while helped build a few. The media has concentrated to feed the people with information of players bad behavior off the pitch and mostly it based on just hear say.

I am not against the media bringing that out to the fore but I am against the media painting a player black and exaggerating so much. The media I can say comfortably managed to put Mbesuma to be what he was when he was finished……the media wanted to destroy Kalaba, the media nearly destroyed Fwayo…..we need a Media that will be balanced in reporting, let the media bring out the news of who is doing it where and when, let them cover division one players the news is worthwhile knowing than telling us that Felix was riding his four wheel motor bike with a friend, PLEEASE if not for your ethics Journalists do it for PRIDE.


The media plays a pivotal role in bringing what our administrators are doing, planning and how their implementation is. Unfortunately the media has concentrated on FAZ forgetting that football administrators are the ones that are with the clubs. The various clubs we have are the custodians of our football….so if FAZ is rotten then all the football administrators are rotten. FAZ is just a figurehead to offer guidance and vision which by the way is very clear.

We want the media to bring out the vision that Kalewa fc has, what the executive there is doing, how are they managing the players plight more importantly what are they doing to bring income to their club apart from begging from their sponsors every day. Instead the media has misguided itself by starting an onslaught of attacks on FAZ, if FAZ has problems EXPOSE THEM….YES EXPOSE like the way you did with Mayuka and Mbola scandals which ended with a tribunal of some sort which up to now has not released its findings. This is a scenario we all know, but the media is not following up the matter with Mr. Smart Mwitwa who in my opinion is way incompetent than the FAZ he was demonizing. How do this media help us??? Please dear Journalists help build our game, report positive and expose where you have sufficient evidence not this sham of reporting where you fail to prove a matter and you keep quiet yet you have dented people’s images. Any how has any media gone to FAZ and asked for the MTN, NIKE or SUPERSPORT DEAL? If so tell us who you saw and they told you, they are not dead will seek answers.


The government is undoubtedly the biggest stakeholder in the game. Alas the GRZ has done ‘magnificently” well to kill our game.

1. They should have released the Gabon disaster and we could have avoided some bad luck

2. The arrogance of the civil Servants we have at the Ministry and NSCZ has brought unnecessary fights within our game.


Firstly the minister put it very well that FAZ operates on tax payers money and that Zambian football is for all and not few arrogant individuals. May I also remind the Minister that the GRZ is for all Zambians and not a few arrogant government officials he should also know that its our tax payers money that pay his expenses. I personally feel the Minister could have done better than that. The Minister says that FAZ did not consult, when he noticed that error, did he engage FAZ?I do not know what the Intentions of his sentiments are, but certainly he has failed lamentably to act as a parent in this issue. We know he has all the labor experience but has he engaged FAZ to tell him which clause they used to fired Bonnetti or under what circumstances? He keeps referring to the contract which is good, but has he asked FAZ on what the mutual consent was all about? And how they effected it?

The Minister says Renard was wrongly hired, can the Minister tell us the laid down procedure he wanted followed? It looks like he wants to be part of the panel. Any how I will remind him lastly that he operates just like FAZ, both survive off our tax and as such he should be mindful that his sentiments kill the game we are supporting with our money


Firstly may I say congratulations for improving in watching and supporting our local game. It can not go without saying that despite our difference in opinion we still debate maturely. We offer reasonable criticism. Now, we also have a share of blame to take, what have we done for our local clubs to help them improve????? Lets not talk about the ten thousand kwacha we pay at the gate, we have different trades have we had an opportunity to liaise with our administrator at our clubs to see how they could benefit from our expertise? Kaya. My plea is let us get more involved


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