Who is PF Lusaka District Chairperson between Chikwelete and Goodson Banda?

Confusion has continued in the PF on who  is the bonafide Lusaka District Chairman between Goodson Banda and Robert Chikwelete.

Over the weekend, embattled PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba was in his home area of Mumbwa addressing meetings where he kept introducing disposed Goodson Banda as the Lusaka District Chairman and Kennedy Kamba as the PF Lusaka Province Youth Chairman.

Vice-president Guy Scott also still recognises Goodson Banda and the whole Kabimba team as the legitimate leaders of the PF in Lusaka.

But the appointing authority, described as chief of confusion by Never Mumba, president Michael Sata himself recognises Chikwelete as the Lusaka province district Chairman.

Even when Mr. Sata arrived from the combined trip of NewYork (US) for UN General Assembly and medication from London last Friday, the only person he called particularly called out and wanted to shake hands with is Chikwelete who he said was Lusaka District Chairman.

Chikwelete was recognised by Mr. Sata during the Chawama event where he (Mr.Sata) again abandoned the launch of a road project.

Writing in the Post newspaper editorial yesterday, Post newspaper owner Fred Mmembe showed his dislike for Mr. Sata’s behaviour who has been promoting anarchy in the party.

Mmembe wrote “Things seem to be getting out of control in the Patriotic Front. Violence, in all its forms, seems to be the order of the day in this party. What has happened to discipline in the Patriotic Front?
This is what happens to a political party when principles are lost. This is what happens to politics when authentic values are traded on the altar of political expedience. This is what happens when political bankruptcy and decay is accepted as a normal thing in a political party. This is what happens when political opportunism, selfishness, greed, vanity and corruption start to dominate the life of a political party. This is what happens in a political party when the leadership starts to turn a blind eye to wrongdoing, indiscipline and injustice. This is what happens to a political party when brutish behaviour is rewarded in all sorts of ways.
Of late, instead of the party leadership punishing indiscipline and wrongdoing, these vices are being rewarded with money and promotions in the leadership structures of the party. What a web the Patriotic Front is weaving for itself by tolerating indiscipline, corruption, selfishness, greed and vanity!
And as we have stated before, there is no alternative to discipline. Discipline is the most powerful weapon for a political party that wants to gain public respect and support and move the country forward.
A political party can only carry out its mandate if there is discipline, and where there is no discipline, there can be no real progress”

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