Who is the beneficiary of current changes to constitution?

Who is the beneficiary of current changes to constitution?

By Jeff Mbewe

Sooner, Parliament will seat to pass into Law feelings of very few people but disguised as the interest of many in Zambia.

But no sane person can today say Bill 10, has at it’s heart the interest of the people.

The Bill 10 which will be presented to Parliament by Justice Minister given Lubinda will go down as as one of the most injustices which President Edgar Lungu has presided over, in his administration.

Almost all the contents of Bill 10 are mere feelings of elements whose interest is to remain in power, not for the sake of offering any meaningful solutions to the problems facing many Zambians but just for the luxury of having and controlling opportunities, resources and luxuries in Zambia.

The Bill is not in the interest of Zambians but is meant to benefit the children, relatives, concubines and associates of few crooks in Zambia.

What is so Noble about re-introducing Deputy Ministers in an administration that, not so long ago, abolished meal allowances for students on government sponsorship? If those Deputy Ministers are re-introduced, what sort of special service will they render to this poor and troubled country which we can’t do without? Nothing.

The elements who will be appointed are mere cadres who are and will be part and parcel of preserving supremacy of characters in corridors of power. This not about Zambia, it’s about few corrupt and gluttonous thieves.

It is hard not to call these people thieves because that is what they are; criminals!

How can they want to amend the Constitution , so as to allow sitting Ministers, drawns from Parliament to continue in their offices and draw salaries and other allowances yet on the other hand, they are part and parcel of contestants in an election? Is this Law just? Does it promote electoral fairness?
This Law is systematic theft of public funds.

As if this is not enough, when this Bill is passed in Parliament, it will give a President more power to manipulate everything to his or her advantage. Currently, the President has powers which allow him to abuse institutions such as the Judiciary and Legislature,which in normal senses need to be independent.

Any progressive Law in this regard must seek to make the President more accountable. It is such Laws contained in the discredited Bill 10 which makes it possible for the President to hang around with druglords without shame. It is such Laws which gives a regime power to purchase a private jet worth $26 million.

It is such Laws which allows a regime which sees no problem and has no shame to construct an airport costing $360 million where, less than 2 per can’t of it’s people ever set their foot.

Once Bill 10 is passed, we shall for the first time have a government we never elect – through a coalition government.

Gamblers will unite and add their numbers, to outdo their rivals and force a President and government on the people.

These and many other evil laws will be introduced in our Constitution, specifically to serve the interest of few crooks, in these coming elections.

Therefore, we as a people have a responsibility to stop these thieves. The task at hand, to halt and even shred this evil Bill 10 is huge, and requires uprightness beyond political affiliation. This is not about PF and UPND or any other party there is. This is about Zambia and what is right.

It is mainly the responsibility of those informed enough to gather numbers and persuade their respective leaders in Parliament to stop this mad Bill 10.

I ask; will Zambia be a better place to be than now, if Bill 10 is passed as part of the Laws in our Constitution? Will loadshedding end? Will students begin to get meal allowances? Will it wipe out Zambia’s debt? Will it root out corruption from this country? Will crime end? Will the health and education sectors improve? Will we see an economic turnaround and have jobs for the people? Will youths get empowered?

What sort of benefit does this Bill 10 give Zambians?

Most people agree that we don’t need this mad Bill 10 but most people are cowards, so as to speak and fight the evil perpetuated by the few crooks pushing for this discredited Bill 10.

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