Who is who in Lungu’s evil plans?


Zambian dictator Edar Lungu has formed the most deadly group called the “Decagon” to primarily deal with anybody who is deemed a threat to Lungu’s leadership and PF as a party, a state house source has disclosed. The Decagon is said to be responsible for adjournment of HH’s court cases since he was arrested.
The “Decagon “was formed immediately after HH was arrested to ensure that he was punished severely and politically finished.”The committee that has been called the “The Secrete Quartet and members ironically includes

(1) The Church and (Rev Pukuta Mwanza, Bishop Joshua Banda, and 4 other bishops and pastors including the BIGOCCA overseer). This group will be ensuring that each evil of Lungu and PF against the opposition is praised with backing from the Bible. It will also be responsible for the Ministry of Religions. The group will have to ensure that Lungu’s brutality is praised according to the Bible and any pastor who opposes banned from preaching or entering the country in case of foreign pastors. The group will also be collecting money from churches in pretext of registering them per year.

(2) The Police Prisons (Mr Kanganja, Bonny Kapeso, Charity Katanga and 8 other high ranking influential police officers). These will be making sure that any person who trys to oppose President Lungu and PF are arrested and charged harshly with unbailable offences. This will make the Decagon strong.

3. The Prisons (Percy Chato, Naom Milimo, Teddy Mbewe and 7 other high ranking influential prison officers). To make sure that the arrested person is brutally tortured in prison/ detention.

(4) The PF (headed by Mumbi Phiri, Frank Bwalya, Stephen Kampyongo, Emmanuel Mwamba, Kennedy Kamba, Bowman Lusambo, Sunday Chanda, Davis Chama, Davis Mwila and 3 others). To support the evil policies of the Decagon. This group will ensure that all ruling part members who opposes the president in one way or the other is arrested or expelled. The police will have to get approval from this group before arresting anyone opposing the PF.

(5). The Judiciary: (Chief Justice Ireen Mambilma, Director of Public Prosecutions and other two male officers, 2 Constitutional Court Judges, 3 High Court Judges, Two Magistrates including the infamous David Simusamba). These will have to ensure that Lungu and PF desires with regard to any issue in court are achieved at all cost. Court adjournments will be implemented to punish the opponents to PF and President Lungu. Cases involving political prisoners to take more than one year, like the one for Mwaliteta and HH.Ireen Mambilima, DPP and not the Republican President will be instructing judges what to do, how to punish opponents to PF or President Lungu. In HH’s case, it has been discovered that Ireen Mambilima and the DPP are in for front instructing judges, state prosecutors and state lawyers on what to do. The DPP refused to sign HH’s committal to high court as she is overseeing the judiciary together with Mabilima as they persecute their enemies.
In this case, the Decagon has agreed to pardon Mwaliteta and prolong HH’s detention for one year or two. Even the high court judges will just be adjourning the treason acase until next year. Ireen Mambila knows this.

(6). The Defense (ZAF Commander to oversee the operations of the army. Technically ZAF Commander is regarded to be more senior than other generals by Lungu because of his close links to the PF.The Defense will be carrying out intelligence on soldiers’ loyalty in case some wants to rebel due to their people who are being persecuted. The group has been mandated to gun down soldiers perceived to be opposed to PF and President Lungu

(7) The Media (The Media Regulatory Board Chairman and his wife together including 2 officials from each of the following; ZNBC, Zambia Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily Nations. The group will be carrying out propaganda news in favour of President Lungu and PF. Any politician or citizen who oppose Lungu to be scandalised in the media with impunity.

(8) The Electoral Commission of Zambia (Essau Chulu and other 6 ECZ officials loyal to PF). To ensure that voter registration is mostly done in PF strongholds, to ensure that even under age children are issued with NRCs and registered as voters in PF strongholds. To ensure that the announced final results of any election including the presidency favour the PF.

(9) DEC (4 DEC officers; all from Eastern Province) to plant drugs on PF opponents and lock the suspects until they are politically finished. DEC to play pivotal space in silencing Lungu’s opponents.

(10) The Executive (Lungu, Amos Chanda, Kaiza Zulu, Director of Intelligence and 11 Intelligence “High Class” Officers based at State House). The role is to deny any involvement in the persecution of political opponents, and claim only law is taking its course when it is the mission of the DECAGON working.

This makes the “Decagon” according to the source. Apart from aiming at finishing HH politically, the work of the DECAGON is to ensure that any politician whether from the opposition or ruling party who is a threat to Lungu’s 2021 bid is dealt with severely or thrown in cells without trial. The sum of K150,000 will be given to each group every month to support its secrete operations. This means K1, 500,000 will be spent on the entire Decagon per month. What a waste of resources.

The quartet will also be responsible for elections in 2021 to make sure that Lungu wins at all cost through rigging, worse than in 2016.

As u can see, Lungu does not interfere directly in the operation of the police or the judiciary, but these are already programmed to persecute any one opposed to Lungu’s leadership before making arrests and give capital charges , while the evil judges uses the Decagon mission to adjourn the court cases like no man’s business.

Lungu has warned the DECAGON to ensure that opponents are harshly punished so that 2021 becomes easy for PF. “If we don’t work extra hard and these people (UPND) win, you will all be arrested except me. I intend to go to Arabic countries should things work against me in 2021”, Lungu normally warn the DECAGON.

The DECAGON to be holding meetings on 7th day of every month to evaluate the security situation in the country and make some observations. That will be the time to collect so monthly allocations.
So as far as things are, there is nowhere to run to. Every corner has been secured by the dictator no wonder he is aiming at 2021 with confidence. He knows no one can prevent him from standing because of two constitutional judges are part of the DECAGON. Decagon means TEN.


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