Who killed PF cadre Menyani Zulu during the Rufunsa by-election in 2012

Zambia’s political environment is slowly degenerating into one marred with lawlessness and violent culture since PF came into power in 2011.

In the aftermath of another PF led bloody by-election in Rufunsa local government ward in Chongwe area, a PF cadre Chrispin Menyani Zulu was murdered.

Several members of the opposition UPND including provincial chairperson Adrian Bauleni were arrested and charged with murder of the PF cadre.

This case has not been concluded up to now and some people are still in police custody undergoing trial over this high profile death that shocked the nation.

But who actually perpetuated that violence that led to the death of Menyani Zulu?

In trying to gain political mileage and punish opposition figures, President Michael Sata at that time ordered that all those connected to the death of Menyani Zulu must be brought to book.

But what report does president Sata and the police top command have over the death of Menyani Zulu?

Even when there was wide condemnation of opposition parties for the death of the PF cadre from several organisations, the Zambianwatchdog wrote this article see here

But now after months of investigating a murder that occurred in December 2012, Zambianwatchdog brings you evidence of the really and known culprits who are currently still enjoying their freedom and roaming the streets of Lusaka.

Look out for a highly confidential detailed report plus a secret Zambia police video that led to the death of Menyani Zulu.

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