Who murdered Lusaka businessman Sajid Itowala?

Cyclone is currently doing some rehabiliation works here

Cyclone is currently doing some rehabilitation works at the Lusaka High court

Mr. Sajid Itowala is a prominent businessman in the construction industry in Zambia. He owns Cyclone Hardware & Construction Ltd. He was brutally murdered last week in a mafia style. But it would seem that his murder is being kept away from the public eye.

Police sources have told the Watchdog that Mr. Itowala was killed in his car during the day in Lusaka west.  His legs and arms were broken indicating that he was tortured before being shot three times.

According to sources, in the process of being tortured, Mr. Itowala sent a text message (SMS) to his friend saying he has been attacked somewhere behind the Brazilian embassy.

His body was found in his Benz Car about 100 meters from a police post in Lusaka west. The car was locked. His body showed three gun wounds and broken limbs.

And that was the last a few curious onlookers in Lusaka west heard of the case.

But Mr. Itowala is a prominent Zambian of Indian origin businessman. His company is registered by the National Construction Council of Zambia. He has been making donations to high profile organizations including those run by politicians or their wives.

On Saturday, December 13, 2008, Cyclone Construction was one of the three companies that donated assorted goods worth millions of kwacha and K10 million cash to the Ministers’ Spouses Club chaired by the first lady.

Cyclone Construction and Hardware Representative, Sam Zulu, whose company donated construction materials towards the refurbishment of some toilets at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH), told Vice president George Kunda’s wife who received the donation that his company was willing to contribute towards the well being of the needy.

Mrs. Kunda said the Ministers’ Spouses club will remain focused in ensuring that the needy in society are helped.

She received the donations on behalf of the Ministers’ Spouses Chairperson, First Lady Thandiwe Banda.

Cyclone had also donated goods to the Maureen Mwanawasa Community Initiative (MMCI).

Currently, Cyclone construction is undertaking rehabilitation works at the High and Supreme Court premises in Lusaka.

So it is surprising that the murder of such a prominent businessman is not announced. The police in Zambia routinely announce murders of even children.

Police sources have further revealed that there is inertia to investigate the murder of Mr. Itowala. Some police officers say that there is resistance from certain senior police officers to sanction the investigation.

Parallel information indicates that Mr. Itowala led a very risky business life.  He grabbed premium plots of land using underhand methods from his clients who defaulted.

It is believed that a lot of employees of the ministry of Health have accounts at Cyclone Hardware where they could obtain building materials.

More than 20 workers at the ministry of health are in court for plunder.

More details coming…

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