Who owns house where five people died in Ibex Hill?

There is what appears to be an attempt to protect and hide the owner of the house in which five people died while working on a sewer pipe in Ibex Hill in Lusaka.

Police have so far questioned the owner of the private company that was working on the sewer line at the junction of Kabulonga and Mosi road where five people were buried alive on Sunday.

But the police and everyone else involved are not telling the country whose property was being worked on.

The truth about the person who hired the private company is being hidden.

One resident in the area believes that the bloc of flats which the deceased were trying to connect a sewer pipe belong to Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito.

The private companies have been named as SBCC construction which had been sub-contracted by Ferryman Plant and Hire but the one who hired SBCC is not even mentioned.

Yet, it is reported that another worker was killed at the same place a few months ago and the family of the youth was not even compensated.

Said one resident: ‘the Project has been undergoing for months now and this is actually the second time I have heard of a death the previous persons family that was killed there was not even compensated from what I am led to understand.

That Project is meant to benefit one person’s selfish gain (as it’s a sewer system for one person’s flats, another case of the rich exploiting the poor) has been a hazard to residents in the area for a long time, no warning signs are in place and the works seem to not be yielding any results were any geological surveys taken and were they approved?’

The resident further said ‘It is widely known that the road has high traffic flows of people chief amongst them children, its highly likely that even young children are being swallowed up by that 10 meter deep intrusion into our personal lives because of some big bosses who can afford to pay for things even when they are not approved and interfere in the lives of others much poorer than them.

The resident advised that,  ‘I beg that you don’t let this issue rest, follow it up and ensure that the truth on procedures for Health and Safety (where was environmental/ engineering or council official to oversee and approve the steps being taken) is the ground fit for those works as they keep digging deeper threatening others’ lives.

‘Was any plan submitted for deviation of road as other road users are made to drive in one lane passages without any prior warning?

People’s yards have been dug up and chiefly lives are being lost. In my understanding An Project Brief with a community meeting should have taken place prior to this project ever occurring.’

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