Who owns that stinking building called American dome at Showgrounds?

Dear Editor,
I am kindly asking if you could allow this observation to be aired on your site.
Who owns the American dome at the show grounds? Does it , as the name implies belong to the American Embassy? I am sure those who are attend functions like weddings will agree with me this is a popular venue amongst others. I get concerned looking at the appearance of this structure. Its inside appearance does not match to the income it receives through these functions which take place almost every weekend. I am one of the prospective “soon to come client”. My question is why cant this hall be painted inside at least? I just passed through today and it is actually stinking inside due to humidity. It leaks. In fact the outside looks better than the inside. 

Please whoever is incharge of this hall paint it, get better chairs and tables. Its a nice venue, also big enough a good number of people
but treat your clients fairly don’t just receive money and forget about people’s comfort.

The agriculture hall is better, at least they have acquired new chairs, though they also dont have tables for the general attendees.


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