Who stole my parcel, Post office or customs?

Dear Editor,
I mailed to Zambia a small parcel with books inside for my school going children on 9th February 2014. I paid for 8-10 Post Office delivery. Today is 28th of May and the parcel has not arrived-yet. Tracking Information says the parcel arrived in Zambia on 3rd April and the customs are “processing” it. I contacted the United States Post Office inquiring why my parcel has not been delivered. They in turn contacted their Zambian counterpart but to this day they have not received any feedback.
I understand the Customs and the Post Office in Zambia like tempering with international mail. I would like to ask the Post Master and the Customs Director, “Why is my parcel being kept without delivery?” If you are looking for dollars, the bad news is that there’s none. And I am not going to allow you to get away with it. My # is: cw561364379us.
Thank you,
A.G. Katayi

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