Why 11 August 2016 Is A Personal Affair to Me

Dear Editor

Let me tell you and everyone who cares to read this, why 11 August 2016 is a very personal affair to me and my family.

1.  In the last few months of this power crisis, I and my family have had to throw away food worth over K6,000 due to NO power – not load shedding (I can handle load shedding) but total power outage for days due Zesco faults that take minimum 4 days to resolve.  Bulk food buying means nothing anymore!

2.  Due to the policy inconsistencies and the crisis within the mining industry, my sister was among those recently retrenched.

3.  My other sister, a civil servant has not been paid and her salary increment a joke made no difference, she is living on the help from family members to pay her bills.

4.  My three brothers who finished college are unable to find work anywhere even if they are hard working, innovative and willing to do jobs lower than they trained for – they are living on help from the family.

5.  Lucky, none of my immediate family is at UNZA or CBU; but my cousin is and the irresponsibility of those who are accountable for running these important institutions are not able to take ownership and provide solutions; my cousin is back home indefinitely.

For those ‘think tanks ‘ who may want to offer ‘advice’ or solutions to me, save it as the causer of the crisis the country is in is the one who needs your advice.  Anyone wondering why 11 August 2016 is important to me and my family?  Read above and look within your families too – you will be able to relate.

Editor, right now it’s not about “Hide my Identity” that I care about – I already feel I have lost my identity as a Zambian in a very short period of time!  Shame as a Zambian is not my portion ……#come11Aug2016.


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