Why Amos Chanda was fired

Why Amos Chanda was fired

Contrary to what he said, former State house Press Aide Amos Chanda was forced to resign after President Edgar Lungu learnt that he received money to influence the course of KCM from liquidation to receivership.

A reliable source tells us that Mr Chanda got huge sums of money to convince president Lungu not to liquidate KCM. But president Lungu’s political advisor Kaizer Zulu who was initially at the Centre of this deal but chickened out, found out and told Lungu hence resolved to fire him.

Amos then tried to use former Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda to plead on his behalf till a deal was cut that he resigns.

‘Kaizer Zulu has been telling the president that Amos has been in contact with vandeta the owners of KCM and that he has been forcing the team which the President appointed to look into the liquidation issue of KCM to overturn on the liquidation matter and go the receivership way. And some good amount was promised if that would be done. But this didn’t settle well with the boss. It’s a greedy issue,’ one source said.

‘Kaizer Zulu accepted the deal but he later u-turned and reported to the President. Hence this put Amos in a awkward position because he was the mastermind and the contact person with Vandeta,’ the Watchdog has been told.

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