Why are Chinese companies allowed to bring prisoners to work in Zambia?

Dear Editor,
Can the government address these points to enable us Zambian owned companies have a chance to win these government tenders mostly at Education.
1. Why are Chinese companies allowed to bring in prisoners to work as bricklayers, carpenters, electricians and General foremen ,all of who get flat rate of 150 dollars per month.
2. Most of their materials even cement come from china duty  and vat free under education and Zambians can not compete.
3. Their government  through  bank of china are providing cheap bid guarantees and performance guarantees for free. while no local bank is willing to offer Zambian owned companies guarantees cheaply.
4. Chinese companies are being allowed to UNDER PAY  Zambians.
5. Chinese companies don’t provide safety procedures and attires to cut costs.
6. Chinese materials are- mostly substandard and in short time buildings start to have cracks.
7. Corruption levels from Chinese bidders is very high .
Mark Chongo

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