If ministers Siliya and Chilufya have Covid 19, why are they not quarantined? Asks Kambwili

NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili says there is something the government is hiding in the manner it is handling the COVID-19 response but God will reveal it all to the Zambian people.

And Kambwili has questioned why Information minister Dora Siliya and Health minister Chitalu Chilufya who both claim theu tested positive to COVID 19 are being kept in their homes instead of isolation centres.

In a recorded video, Kambwili wondered why the country was recording increased numbers of COVID-19 cases while deaths had remained stagnant even when there is no cure.

“Still more kutiwamona. Mufyalo bonse umu the more the number of cases tulechita record nenfwa shileya pamulu. Nomba muno nemfwa shine shaliminina. Takwaba ama numbers yalipamulu and there is no cure. So finshi balechita pakuti abantu balepola? (in other countries the more the numbers of cases are being recorded the higher the number of death being recorded. But here in Zambia, we are not recording any death yet there is no cure. What are they doing for these to get healed?)?” Kambwili asked.

Kambwili said looking critically at the numbers being reported, it was possible that they were lies because matters were not corresponding when analysed critically.

And Kambwili wondered Siliya and Chilufya were allowed to be home even after testing positive to COVID 19.

“Why is Chitalu Chilufya and Siliya being isolated at their homes when they have tested positive to COVID 19? Are you telling me that when dealing with COVID-19 we have two rules. One for ministers and one for ordinary Zambians?” Kambwili wondered.

Kambwili said even those in hospitals should be allowed to go home since Siliya and Dr Chilufya were allowed to go home instead of isolation centres.

He said at home where they are self isolating despite testing positive, there are children, wives and other relatives visiting whose lives were being put at risk.

Meanwhile, Kambwili said since Siliya and Dr Chilufya tested positive to COVID 19, what had happened to their contacts since they attended a Cabinet meeting.

“Dora Siliya and Chitalu Chilufya who tested positive to COVID 19 were in a Cabinet meeting. And there is what they call contact tracing. What has happened to the Cabinet ministers? They are working. They are all over. If indeed it is true that these peope are sick, all the Cabinet ministers including the President…. In Nakonde, when a driver is found to be infected, they are being quarantined for 14 days. After 14 days, that’s when they are released but Dora who was in the same room for a meeting with Chilufya. Ask yourself! When one is positive, they are taken to the hospital for treatment or what they call isolation centers,” said Kambwili.

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