Why Bennedette Deka purchased a doctorate

Why Bennedette Deka purchased a doctorate

Bernadette Deka replaced Michelle Morel as CEO at the PMRC.

Michelle Morel is a Zambian national with advanced USA Education and is also a public policy expert, founded and set up the Policy, Monitoring, Research and Coordination.

Michelle put up a strong team of qualified researchers and analysts to help her execute her work.

She convinced the Patriotic Front(PF) Secretary General Wynter Kabimba that the PMRC should be a think-tank of the Party.

Kabimba helped connect the party NGO to China for fundingwhipe Michelle sought funding from the European Union, DFID and Nordic countries.

When Edgar Lungu became Secretary General of the PF in August 2015, Michelle was hounded out of the PMRC institution on the allegations that she had an inappropriate relationship with Kabimba and that her loyalties were to the old Secretary General.

A temporal replacement in Bernadette Deka was placed at the institution until a qualified person could be found.

Bernadette is a Grade 12 certificate holder and cannot lead a team of qualified researchers and analysts.

Although she bonked her way to the University of Zambia, she abandoned the studies after flopping in first and tried to pursue studies at a college in South Africa.

Even in South Africa she didn’t finish her diploma.

It is this for this reason that she desperate to join people like Edgar Ngoma, Bowman Lusambo, Cozmo Mumba in buying the honorary doctorates from an so called Commonwealth University London Graduate School, an online company that offers a days workshop for people to be conferred with honorary doctorates.

Policy, Monitoring &Research Coordination (PMRC) Executive Director, Bernadette Deka has been conferred with a honorary doctorate (obtained from Dubai.

Honuris Causa is a Latin word which means to the honour.

The honorary doctorate is conferred after paying for a two-day workshop that cost $5,500 excluding travel and accommodation costs.

The workshop is organised by an unregistered and recognized institutions called “Commonwealth University (London office) London Graduate School”

The Commonwealth University (London office) London Graduate School institution carries an address from the suburb of Mayfair in west end of London.

Commonwealth University (London office) London Graduate School, Mayfair Point, 34 South Molton Street, London, W1K 5RG. T: +44(0)7786776802 +44(0) 2036122749. E: info@cub edu.com. W: www.cub-edu.com. Mailing Address 9 Offord

The University is established as a company for purposes of conferring and recognizing “ persons of achievement”

It is called Commonwealth University and was established as a private international university company but fully owned by the Island Open University Belize under the Laws of the Government of Belize, pursuant to the International Business Companies (IBC) Act of 1990.

To be polite and be basic, it’s a bogus institutions established to sell qualifications that remain unrecognized but satiates the appetite of those desperate to wear academic qualifications they have not worked for.

Deka joins a long list of people such as Edgar Ngoma, Cozmo Mumba, Bowman Lusambo, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba(GBM) and Chishimba Kambwili that have recently bought these honorary doctorates!

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