Why Chinese feel they own Zambia

Why Chinese feel they own Zambia

What we have observed of late is that Chinese are gradually taking control of the economy of most African countries.
For example in Zambia, Chinese nationals have become powerful and influential such that they can get anything they want at the expense of the citizens. Really, their influence is so strong and evident that a few months ago, the government appointed 8 Chinese into Zambia Police Service, an act that brought out a national outcry.
But did you realise why this is like this?
Data available reveals that the loans that Zambia has contracted from China in the last 5 years are so enormous that Chinese nationals are taking advantage and behaving with impunity.
The following is the tip of the iceberg of how the PF government has plunged Zambia into a debt trap with China in the past five years or so:
¶Heroes Stadium $94 million
¶Security Wings housing project $275 million
¶Kenneth Kaunda Airport $360 million
¶Kafue Gorge Lower Power Plant $1.7 billion
¶Kariba North Bank Power Plant Expansion $430 million
¶Lusaka L400 Roads $300 million
¶Ndola Airport $400 million
¶Lusaka Decongestion $286 million
¶Topstar deal -Communication Towers $280 million
¶Copperbelt Roads C400 $418 million
¶Chipata-Serenje Railway line $2.3 billion
¶Mongu-Kalabo Road $287 million
¶2000 Military Houses $157 million
¶Mansa-Luwingu Road $242 million
¶Mbala-Nakonde Road $180 million
¶Lusaka Sanitation Project $130 million
¶Kafubu Water Project $104 million
¶Levy Mwanawasa Hospital Expansion $90 million
¶Kafulafuta Dam Water Project $449 million
🇿🇲Now you can do your own computations and find out how much Zambia is owing China. This is just a tip of the iceberg. There are other hidden loans the PF has contracted and poc

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    PANYOPANGA 3 days ago

    last week a fucked a Chinese lady she cried and told me that Zambians have good dicks and she surprised me she danced like a Nsenga woman and told me she learnt it while in petauke kikikikikikiki

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    Junior 4 days ago

    I think that africans need to start being patriots and kill the government who sell out the kids of africa’s future. for so much to happen in history and these dumb ass uneducated educated fools with no common sense corrupt idiots. why would you want to even own something to only end up 40% and not own 60 percent. the fact is the world even america and other places have financial advisors you can look to help do your fucking research and ask black mathematics and engineer who are patriots of black interest. am in the united states and am tired of the fucking opposite color taking us for fools and its because of leaders like this man dumb dumb dumb

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    truth teller 1 week ago

    Total lies. complete nonsense. there are no such loans. these are just the imagination of some overzealous scribe

  • comment-avatar
    Former Super Cop 1 week ago

    The Chinese look fit and well kept in Zambia Police Uniform. Better recruit them so they build capacity  in our embarrassing, banditry unprofessional cops. 

  • comment-avatar
    Asiff 1 week ago

    Talk and talk and talk.The Umodzi kumawa slogan still haunts this poor country. That is why kk and gray Zulu are very quite. On independence day they will be bestowed with honours of titles like:gallant freedom fighters, men of bravery. You were just given freedom on a cotton plate after being given finances from cattle keepers of Namwala.

  • comment-avatar

    Dear Zambian citizens what can south African citizens learn from your experience with the Chinese presence I your beautiful country? What is the best practice to co-exist in harmony with this population injection? So far comparatively since the Chinese took over some of the SOC (State Owned Entities) what positive change have you seen?
    My humble advise to you is…” do not resist change…”


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    harmonizedElections 1 week ago

    PF parties are not different, hers what Mbonisi Gumbo the Secretary for Information and Publicity of Mthwakazi Republic Party

    Dear Mnangagwa

    Good day Mr President. I would have loved to congratulate you for your presidency unfortunately my conscious will not allow me to do that considering the fact that the harmonized elections that catapulted you to State house was not free fair and credible. At first when you become the president through a coup I didn’t see the need to engage you because of the fact that you were an illegitimate president.
    Now that you have gone through a legally recognized process of election, I have no choice but to engage and bring to your attention the following issues, despite the fact that the elections were not free, fair and credible. These are important issues in Mthwakazi.
    1. Mr President may I bring to your attention the fact that Gukurahundi genocide is still a very serious matter in Matabeleland and the victims still cry for justice. I have heard you and your former boss Robert Gabriel Mugabe downplaying the effects of this genocide that claimed lives of over 30 000 of innocent citizens of Mthwakazi.
    Are you aware that many Matabeleland families are broken today because of Gukurahundi genocide? Mr President many of our people are still missing to this today, some are still in curves and families of those deceased victims are still scared of properly reburrying them according to their traditions, norms and values.

    Mr President our people want 20 January be declared a holiday in remembrance of the Gukurahundi genocide. In honor of the late and the living victims.

    2. Mr President you promised to implement the Devolution of power according to the Constitution please may this be done as soon as possible.
    3. Mr President we still demand that you allow the people of Mthwakazi to officially install Prince Bulelani Khumalo as our King according to our culture, Bulawayo can not be the City of Kings and Queens without those Kings and Queens.

    4. Mr President can I bring to your attention the fact that there is a lot of tribalism in this country as you are also aware. This country’s national cake is only being enjoyed by mostly people from the Shona tribe and a few individuals from other tribes who have either sold their birth rights and are now willing bootlickers or have joined ZANU PF.
    Mr President the current system which is inspired by the evil 1979 Grand Plan. Is segregative since you call yourself and your team the New dispensation why can’t you change the system too? Mr President it is very unreasonable to see a situation where over 90% of employees in Mthwakazi are Shona people regardless of whether its the public or private sector, we expect your new dispensation to change this, not only that people from Mashonaland are occupying the land in Mthwakazi like nobody’s business using the same satanic system that only favours them at the expense of locals.
    Mr President is it government policy that the natural resources in Matabeleland should only benefit people from Mashonaland? Mr President can you please help us here. Is it government policy to have only people from Mashonaland working at Beitbridge Border Post?
    Mr President we nolonger want our people to go to South Africa illegally. We call upon your administration to correct all these anomalies, unless if it’s your policy to have most of our people working in South Africa while illegally staying there. Mr President can you also please look into the issue of illegally money laundering.
    These are our issues of concern Mr President;
    1. Implementation of devolution of power
    2. Representative and fair employment in Matabeleland and the Midlands including tribally representative Police and army personnel. They must be of local origin or at least speak the local languages so as to interact with the locals
    3. Fair distribution of national resources in Matabeleland especially our capital Bulawayo
    4. An agreed Marginalisation alleviation program
    5. A depoliticisation of our Police force and army.
    Thank you in advance as I await the response.

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    Kambandula 1 week ago

    I see tribalism in Zambia is the causer of all this saga. Those we called under dog countries like Botswana are 3 times greater than us. Here in Zambia, a well learned University professor who knows and can analyse things professionally, when it comes to Ballot… It is tribe that matters not the exelence, ability or brilliance of a politician. I saw rhis with Patrick Mwanawasa. He was not the facority group. They fought him tooth and nail until they gave him such headache that led his demise. But mwanawasa unified this nation. He fought corruption. He employed people who knew what they were up to. Money was going down and the dollar was daily falling. He opened Lumwana to advantage those people who were forgotten for a long long time. But the wealth of North Western is building Muchinga and other plaxes far away from North western. No good roads linking the province to the other province. The little jobs that was meant to make the inhabitants there flourish are scouped by usuppers bent on disadvantaging others. Then you say One Zambia one nation. But Zambian sure hmmmm. Kaunda was viscious but people demonstrated. Today life is worse but who can dare. Though it is democracy but people are afraid to express their anger. It is hard. It is a dochi kubeba thing

  • comment-avatar
    Poho Yensu. 1 week ago

    Hmmm but this development os one sided. No project for Southern, North westeen and western provinces why. Yribalism at its waste. Why like this. Why should those who are on the other half of the country not benefiting but are contributing to the national economy. Road networks in Eastern and housing projects are massive in Eastern, Northern, Copperbelt, Luapula, Part of central, Lusaka and Muchinga provinces. The promised Mongu stadium was a kuhu kuhu lobala tactic. King Lewanika University was said to silence Linyungandambo. But do you know that you are sitting on a time bomb. People are angry and very angry indeed. If those tribes up north and east were treated that way, a civil war would have been started. But because the westerners are an Enisha people, they are taken advantage of. After all the sweat of their parents was scouped into national treasury,the gold and so forth. But today they are neglected. Kalabo sikongo road is neglected no money for it. The contractor is closing the camp on 20 september. The femous Mongu Kalabo was started by His Exellence Levy Patrick Mwanawasa SC. MHSRIEP. Rupiah wanted a vote and continued on the project and Pf finished. Am suprised workers here suffer while workers on the other side of the country go from one workshop to another. Africans turning other Africans into slaves, a more painful thing to fathom. But the clock is ticking. Projects in North western, western and Southern provinces are laying unattended to. Kaoma road is in a bad shape but contractors abandoned the project long ago. Why…. No money for people who never voted for us. Ok. So the govt money has become a party money. Strange and very sorry for Africa. Zambian tribalism is left unchecked will finally ruine and impoverish this nation for good. The slogan should change from one zambia one nation to One zambia Two naions.

  • comment-avatar

    The total comes to $8,482,000,000 without interest. Those who know can add interest and other hidden costs such as bribery.

  • comment-avatar
    samlindo 1 week ago

    Humble Leadership, Twaliloba ilyauma, but this is a blame that falls on all Zambians, because we knew what we bargained for, if our eyes can not still open now, then we are really a shit hole country

  • comment-avatar
    sipinya sa ng'aka 1 week ago

    Mongu kalabo rd was not a Chinese loan please!

    • comment-avatar
      Kachema wa chalo 1 week ago

      Actually it’s not Mongu to Kalabo but Mongu to Tapo (somewhere on the plain, kilometers and kilometers from Kalabo).