Why closing Watchdog when your officials are the reporters- Cornelius Mweetwa ask PF

Choma MP Cornelius Mweetwa caused laughter in parliament when he asked the speaker why the PF government was spending a lot of money trying to block a popular social network platform the Zambianwatchdog when PF officials are main contributors.

Mweetwa also wondered why some journalists were  being harassed  for supposedly links to the Zambian Watchdog when PF government officials were among the main suppliers of news as reported in today’s Post newspaper.  The post reported that Emmanuel Mwamba was one of the correspondents and that Watchdog was willing to give  him back his job.
Today’s Post newspaper wrote “The Zambian Watchdog has offered to give Mwamba back his former job as the online publication’s correspondent now that he has been with immediate effect retired from the civil service in national interest as permanent secretary at Cabinet Office”.
“After Mwamba’s retirement, the Watchdog immediately posted on its website accessible through Facebook, that they had consistently told Mwamba to take it easy as he could crash”.

In his ruling, Speaker of National Assembly Patrick Matibini claimed that he does not browse  such platforms and so was not privy to what was being written and the measures that had been put to close them  therefore he was unable to make a ruling.

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