Why didn’t Lungu say something on opposition supporters killed by police?


From the time campaigns were officially launched, President Edgar Lungu has been dating churches like a prostitute, soliciting for prayers that Zambia should remain peaceful, united and prosperous.
But I have noticed with dismay that the President has been doing the opposite of what he has been asking the church to do. His actions are not that he doesn’t know what is right and wrong, but he’s doing everything deliberately out of his gullible nature his rascal supporters say “user friendness and receptiveness.”
When Edgar was dubiously elected to the office of President, he automatically became President for every citizen, both those that voted for him and those that didn’t; those that like him and those that don’t. Edgar has no choice but to embrace everyone, including me, Mazakaza Michael.
Last Friday the Zambia police shot dead three unarmed UPND sympathisers and injured several others around Downtown in Lusaka. In the wake of that brutal incident, every sober and level-headed Zambian expected the President to address the nation about that shooting incident. Every sober and level headed Zambian expected the President, as father of the nation, to visit the funeral houses of the slain innocent Mapenzi Chibulo and two others that died at the hospital. That’s what we expected Edgar Lungu to do as Father of the nation. That’s what we expected from a God fearing President. That’s what we expected from a President who likes prayer and fasting. That’s what we expected from a President who is solicititng for prayer from every church he enters.
If Edgar Lungu did these good things expected of him, he would have shown that he cares for every Zambian. He would have shown that he loves every Zambian. He would have shown that he’s President for every Zambian.
But as things stand, it is very difficult to tell whether Lungu is President for all of us, or for just ‘some’ Zambians.
I really don’t understand whether the President has advisers or not. If he has advisers I doubt their credibility. Or could it be that it’s the President who is Shumbu Mushololwa? We need a better President.

Michael Mazakaza

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