Why do police lock up people just before weekends?

Dear Editor,

The locking up of former deputy minister Elijah Muchima in Mwilunga cells last Friday and that of Nevers Mumba a few weeks ago so that they spend their weekend in police cells brings to the fore the much hidden police bad habit locking up people to settle political and personal scores.

This habit sees the police to throw people in police cells a few hours before a weekend or a few hours before a long weekend, just to make them spend some time in police cells.

What is surprising that these police officers are quick to throw people in police cells and release them the following Monday with no regard whatsoever to the inconvenience of locking people for no reason. The same police officers have no one to task them why certain people are locked up over the weekend only to be released the following Monday. Another surprising thing is that when a person has been locked up over the weekend, the police service goes on weekend or holiday leaving people to languish in their more often inhuman cells. Why should police bonds be not issued on weekends when police stations operate 24 hours?

Can the Police Public Complaints Committee, the Ministry of Home Affairs or Human Rights Commission look into this?

This abuse of office if left unchecked will make us citizens lose the little trust and faith we have in the professionalism of the Zambia Police.

Mthoniswa Banda

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