Why does Fred M’membe’s wife want to stand on UPND ticket ?

Why does Fred M’membe’s wife want to stand on UPND ticket ?

Mutinta Mazoka Editor,

Fred M’membe’s wife Mutinta Mazoka.
Why can’t she stand on her husband’s party Socialism or is it Bantustan?

Why does she want to cause confusion in Monze constituency? We know she is being sponsored by Fred M’membe to remove Jack Mwilmbu who has done so much to protect the party at national level.
Apart from using Mazoka’s name, what has this treacherous woman done for UPND?

Does she really believe in UPND? When her father Mazoka was sick, Fred M’membe was busy insulting him until he died. Jack Mwimbu was with the party. Maybe others have forgotten but I definitely remember that diagrams of sick Mazoka which Fred M’membe drew in his useless Post newspaper. And the moment Mazoka died partly due to depression caused by M’membe’s insults, this woman married M’membe as further insult to Mazoka. Today she wants to cause confusion in the part again .
If she could betray her father by marrying his enemy number one, can she defend UPND when it matters most? I don’t think so. Did she ever protest to her husband when he referred to UPND as Bantustans?

Just imagine what it will mean to have a UPND MP controlled by Fred M’membe?

Monze voter

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