Why does PF hate Katuba people so much?


Kindly publish this for my fellow sufferers in Katuba constituency.

To start with, they are imposing foreign languages in our province. There are no schools in Katuba to cater for all our children. So we send our children to the provincial headquarters Kabwe to learn. But alas, the rulers have imposed their language in Kabwe our own headquarters. Our children have to learn in a foreign language. God please save us from these oppressors. Our identity is surely being erased from the face of this earth.

And as if this is not enough, they have brought us a foreigner as PF candidate in the Katuba parliamentary by-election.

This is an insult to we the local people, our chiefs and beliefs.

At least all the opposition have adopted sons or daughters of the soil. By why is the ruling PF bringing us a Bemba to stand as our MP? Infact this one is Bemba with Congolese roots.

Are we not good enough to represent ourselves? Just because we are not from the president’s tribe does not mean we should be treated like shit. We are also human beings and Zambians so we must be respected like everyone else.

This Satanist called Big Moze they are imposing on us does not know anything about us. Just because he has a shop in our locality does not make him a local person. He is here for business. Besides, this is the same guy who fed a policeman to dogs in some ritualistic performance a few years ago. Today he should be our MP just because he is part of the family forest?

You are not getting my vote.

Katuba resident

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