Why does the Zambian govt hate the truth?

By Mike Chileshe

I get amazed when I see leaders threatening citizens of a country when they express their dismay at how government is managing the affairs of a country and when citizens speak out the truth. I’m personally one of those that has received threats before from the party in power and I understand the psychological distress that comes up but after looking at my fellow citizens out there suffering due to poor management of national affairs and resources by a useless government in power I’m grieved in my heart and I’m encouraged to speak out the truth even more on behalf of my fellow Zambians.

Let us remember that government is only given power to manage our resources and not offload threats to citizens criticising the government. Citizens have all the powers in the country not government. If as a citizen I see stupidity and idiocy going on in the office of the president I have the right to speak out
and criticise the president on his stupid way of managing the affairs of my country and the president has no powers to threaten me because I am the one who put him there. But as Zambians we’re losing it and are having a spirit of supporting anything which the party in power is doing even when we see that its not right. Let us remember that we have only one Zambia and we cannot go to rent in USA, UK or Canada when we lose our beloved country due the carelessness in management by our leaders.

It is sad that the Zambian artiste Pilato is now beeing threatened by some PF members who instead of focusing on important national issues are busy opening their ebola ears to minor issues but giving a deaf ear on issues affecting the welfare of Zambians and issues that can help develop our country. I don’t see why the PF should be hurt by what the Zambian artiste Pilato has spoken out in his song: Is it not true that it’s the same PF that told Zambians that MMD is evil but today they are married? Is it not true that its this same PF that said Rupiah Banda is corrupt but today they have welcomed Rupiah Banda to manage Zambia? Is it not true that it’s the PF that told Zambians MMD is responsible for the suffering of Zambians but today the PF is in love with the political Harlots of MMD? Is it not True that it’s the same PF that promised lower taxes but today as a landlord I’m subjected to pay Rental withholding tax every month? Is it not true that it’s the same PF that criticised the MMD for high rates of unemployment but today there is even a higher Unemployment rate than during the time of MMD and today the same PF which dirtened the image of MMD calling them devils are hugging each other? Is it not true that it’s the same PF which promised us Zambians more money in our pockets but today look at the cost of living which is even thrice if not four times higher than during the time of MMD and today the PF are kissing the MMD? Have the MMD now become angels? Why should the PF be hurt when they are told the truth oh!!! now we can practically prove the theoritical saying of “The truth hurts” indeed the truth hurts.

If the PF leaders were wise they would be taking heed of the advice given through the criticisms from affected Zambians and opposition parties but because we have a young old man who openly said he has no vision but is instead good at the art of dancing to ladies welcoming him at Zimbabwe airport like a young man and yet the sick man is old. The PF should stop threatening poor Zambians who’re expressing themselves on the wrongs the PF is doing.The PF should learn to accept the truth.

And for us Zambians let us unite and support truth, stand up together and fight that which we see is not right and affecting our country’s development, fight for that which belongs to us. Let us have courage to speak out the truth for the power is in our hands.In Bemba we say “Akanina Ichulu mu myaka kapona mu bushiku bumo” What climbs a hill in years falls down in one day. We have come a long way as Zambians, lets not fall down in one day due to our useless leaders in power.

Mike Chileshe

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