Why Feira should vote for Narep

1.      The PF and Mr. Sata lied to the people of Chongwe
“When you vote for Silvia Masebo, Chongwe will change and we will bring development.” So they said. Look at Chongwe today. The sad reminder we have are the two people shot in cold blood by ZNS Officers.
2.      They lied to the people of Mufumbwe
“Give me this boy Masumba so that I can change him. When you give me Masumba, I’ll make him perform. Mufumbwe will have 13 Clinics bla bla bla …” Mufumbwe is worse off than before.
3.      They lied to the people of Mpongwe
“You Namulambe, you’ve been an MP for 10 years and you have nothing to show for. Now you people, vote for this man, I’ll make him work. You know me….” Mpongwe twasebana.
4.      They lied to the people of Kapiri Mposhi
5.      They lied to the people of Livingstone. Had it not been for the World Tourism Indaba in Livingstone and Victoria Falls town in Zimbabwe, Livinstone would have been forgotten like the others have been. After the indaba, Masebo will not step foot in Livingstone.
6.      They are still lying to you. How will Mr. Ngoma bring development when under RB, with US$2billion was in the National reserves and he failed. How will he develop Feira with less than US$200million in the government reserves now?
“I know that when I was MP, I stepped on some of you people, I lied to you, I insulted you, but this is no time for vengeance. It’s time to forgive….” Said Patrick Ngoma (Translated). Now that Mr. Patrick Ngoma needs the people of Feira that is when he is kneeling and pleading. This is the man who would drive alone to Lusaka leaving anyone asking for a lift. He stopped greeting the people of Feira. Honestly, does he deserve to be given another chance when he has lamentably failed as MP in the past?
“We are going to bring you roads…we have to do the roads from Mtendere Township to here. We are going to bring lots of tourists here because this place is supposed to be a tourist centre,” Sata said.
 President Sata also advised Ngoma to listen to the needs of the people of Feira when he is re-elected because he knows Ngoma doesn’t listen.
 “Keep these people, if you don’t, they will turn against you. These are the same people who voted for me because I worked for them,” he said. “To be an MP is to listen to the cries of the people and what they want. You will not find it easy.”
7.      These unnecessary by-elections are a waste of public resources which must be condemned by all well-meaning Zambians. Let us teach PF and Mr. Ngoma a lesson by denying him Manda Hill place.
8.      Vote for Samuel Sikaonga of NAREP with a Heart for the people. He respects and loves the people of Feira. 20 June 2013, vote Samuel Sikaonga for serious leadership in bringing development in Feira. He is backed by a sound NAREP Manifesto that articulates issues of development. NAREP subscribes to the Agreement signed by the four countries, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia to open up Feira and turn it into a habour so that ships can dock at Feira instead of Dar-es-Salaam or Durban. The effort needed to actuate this is to just enlarge a few spots on the Zambezi River in Mozambique then we are set for massive development, job creation and urbanization of Feira. This will save Zambia a lot of money spent on going to Durban or Dar-es-Salaam.  Vote Samuel Sikaonga.

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