Why General Miyanda should retire

By Sidigue Geloo

This man, General Miyanda, has disappointed me beyond reason. This man, General Miyanda, one of the most disciplined, once the most viable Presidential candidate, and probably the most honest politician, has disappointed me beyond measure.


A paradigm of events that could have easily been averted by him have stopped him from not only getting into State House but has marginalized him from his core support base. What are those events?

1) Gen. Miyanda has taken a rigid approach towards the new form of tools used by others to stay relevant in the ever competitive political environment. For example, recently, he gave a very vague and dangerously naïve reason why he does not ”BLOG.” As much as there are many reasons why any form of political avenue may have its perils or disadvantages, if that avenue largely works for others, there should be no reason why one would fall short of employing that avenue. Blogging is an increasingly relevant and an important tool for any politician to gain leverage with the electorate. General Miyanda should not be proud for denying himself the avenue of blogging, especially when everyone knows he is a great debater. A great debater is a dangerous warrior when armed with the tool of Blogging.
General Miyanda fails to see this and feels writing letters to media outlets is the BEST WAY to make convincing political statements or rebuttals. The man has no twitter account, or no facebook page. If his Heritage Party has a website, that’s good but chances are they don’t. Miyanda and his advisors are burying his political career and it pains me, knowing I have voted for this man everytime I entered the election booth (Except one time when I voted for Chiluba in 1991 as a teenager)

2) I appreciate that Gen Miyanda is such an honest man that no one can buy or use corruptive methods to twist his arm, but in politics, often sometimes, you have to bend a little and compromise to meet half way as long as you are not selling your soul and compromising your values and beliefs with other political affiliates.
God presented creatures and unclean animals to the Apostle Peter one day, asking him to eat the creatures. Peter told God he couldn’t eat them because the creatures were unclean according to Jewish custom. God rebuked Peter saying ,”don’t call anything unclean that I have labeled clean.” When, or if, God called Gen. Miyanda into politics, that meant God labeled it clean that Gen Miyanda would use the methods that others use to gain political clout. There is nothing wrong to have people finance your party even if you don’t know where they got that money from. There is nothing wrong working with characters that you feel are not up to par with your values and beliefs.
Gen Miyanda seems to be a loner. Very few people know who his Vice president is. No one seems to know where he operates from, he hardly comments on any event that happens in the country..and if he does, since he is not a blogger, neither does he participate in social media dialogue, his voice is not heard at all.

3) I don’t know whether Gen Miyanda is waiting for an angel from heaven to convince people that they should vote for him, but Gen Miyanda has a form of pride within his humility that makes him think he does not need people to properly articulate his vision. Years ago, he tried to articulate his ‘Village concept’ to the public, but between the realm of his great debating skills and his poor skills of articulating projects, that concept fell on deaf ears
If he had employed or allowed real public orators to define him and his village concept, maybe events would have turned out different for him. There is a huge different between defending a cause and articulating your vision. Sometimes you can be well vested in one and be very poorly vested in the other.

Sadly, there is a new generation of political enthusiasts that do not know Gen Miyanda and the preceding generation can not help him define who he is to them because he is a very closed man, something that politics does not take well.
Politics prefers conspicuous people, those that show their good deeds in public. The bible does not talk against them, the Bible talks against Pharisees (religious leaders) that display good deeds publicly. Politicians ought to show publicly how they help or do things because no one will vote for a politician who does good deeds privately because THEY WILL NOT KNOW HIM.

MY SUGGESTION TO GEN MIYANDA: Fire all your advisers and start afresh before its too late

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