Why honour Chitalu Chilufya with position at parliament?

Why honour Chitalu Chilufya with position at parliament?

Dear Watchdog,

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Please kindly educate some of us who haven’t studied law.

Why is it that when a politician is clearly implicated in acts of stealing to be specific fraudulent influencing and benefiting through the award of tenders, even when proven beyond reasonable doubt the only form of punishment that seems can be mated against them is being dropped.

Stealing is stealing no matter the method used. It’s seems there is a special justice system for politicians and the common citizen. People who steal to feed their starving families are sentenced to more than 3 years, just for stealing a chicken from shoprite.

The judges have even termed it as petty thieves and each time they pass harsh sentences they even comfort themselves saying there are sending a warning to would be offenders. My question is when are they going to send a message to corrupt would be offenders in government?

This trend and culture only confirms the fear that the judiciary as the arm of the Government is compromised and are only there to pass nolle judgements to politically connected thieves and as a tool to oppress the poor and silence political opponents or turn them into political vuvuzelas like our father chishimba kambwili.

It is common knowledge in Zambia that once you steal colossal sums of money you can’t be arrested for more than a year(you are even considered smart by society) because you will oil the whole system starting from the inquiries desk at central police, prosecutors and end with the judges themselves. ( Adjourning and dragging cases for years till people lose interest).

It is an insult that Dr Chitalu Chilufya won’t even be prosecuted or questioned. His still receiving allowances at parliament despite allowing corruption to thrive at his ministry at the expense of the poor who can’t afford to go to coptic.

It is disappointing to even read that the same Chitalu Chilufya even before one month elapses has been appointed to the budgetry committee in parliament. Who even voted for him to take up that position, why are parliamentarians supporting thieves, this is hypocrisy at the highest levels.

Zambia will never develop if we apply justice ⚖️ discriminately.

Thank you keep on building one day a God fearing Government will forfeit them.

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