Why I will vote for HH


I was once a PF staunch supporter and never ever cared to listen to Hichilema Hakainde. But this time I have decided to follow his campaigns and listen to his message. I am impressed whenever the man speaks, he just talks about what he is going to do If elected. He just talks about positive things and national unit. I have not heard him say or threaten that when I become president, I will arrest this one or make that one sweat. Other candidates or their agents say nasty things about him but his response is ‘we shall reduce mealli meal; we shall offer free education, we shall develop lake Mweru into a tourist hub etc… I do not think Zambia needs a president who will start wasting time fighting other people or settling scores. This country needs someone who will declare war on poverty.

I hereby say, the man has thoroughly impressed me. That is why during supper today, I asked my wife and our dependants to consider voting for HH. To my surprise, my wife reached for her handbag and  produced a UPND card. When I asked her why she has never told me that she joined UPND, she said she knew i was PF.

Kangwa B.

Mikonfwa, Luanshya

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