Why insignificant reduction in cooking oil is fake

Why insignificant reduction in cooking oil is fake

The insignificant reduction of some brands of cooking oil in some shops is fake and will end just after elections.

This is why?

On 31 May 2021, government signed a statutory Instrument (law). This law removed tax on cooking oil imported mainly from South African and Kenya. This means that, people importing salad as you call it, will not be paying tax to ZRA at the border. This is supposed to reduce the price of cooking oil in Zambia. But as you can see from the shop in your neighbourhood, there has been very little and insignificant changes in prices of salad.

But this is what is worse. As you can see from this law attached, this law will expire on 31 October 2021. It means that people importing cooking oil will start paying taxi again. It clearly means that the price of cooking oil will go up again and continue going up. And by the way, this 4 months law does not support local producers of cooking at all.

But the question is, why was this fake law made just for the period June to October?

It is very simple: it is meant to hoodwink and cheat you so that you vote for PF. Remember , In this period, there will be elections. Just after elections, the law will expire.

Just imagine cheating so openly and without shame?

And yes, it will expire in October so that if there will be a presidential rerun, you will still be under the lie.

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