Why is attorney general representimg Lungu in private matters?



Likando kalaluka is now Edgar’s personal to holder legal adviser. This is the guy who initially rightfully advised Edgar to step down when petition is filed but later changed position due to PF cadres threats on him. The man has no morals and stands on nothing.

Likando has become so elusive as a serpent in the garden of eden and not trust worthy in all that he touches and does.

Why is AG representing Edgar Lungu on his third term bid in the con court? The office of presidency and Edgar are two different things. The third term bid is Edgar’s personal interest not government. Why would AG who represents government and is paid by tax payer be representing Chagwa on the third term issue?

This is broad day light robbery and abuse of state resources and must immediately stop. Kalaluka must pay for mis directing himself.

Considering the gymnastics that AG has made regarding the petition, you see the league between him and Edgar. AG has done all sorts of formulas to delay the UPND petition as much as possible.

This will not go so far from now. There is time for everything and time has caught up with them.

Likando is the worst AG so far this nation has ever had.

These guys will one day soon pay for all this nonsense of theirs.

The fixing team.

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