Why is everybody demanding non-refundable fees?

Dear Editor,
I am not sure which government institution is by law established to protect citizens from these exorbitant non-refundable fees. A lot of institutions are today asking for these fees from interviewees. These include colleges, universities, schools, employment agencies/employers and councils.
With the high unemployment levels in our country responses to a single advert are overwhelming. In a case where a council has 20 plots for sale an advert for this sale will attract in excess of 2,000 applications. The council will actually make more money from the fees than from the sales.
Using the above as an example, I would like to propose the regulation of such unscrupulous behaviours. If a university has 100 places it must only be allowed to sell 30% more forms on top of the actual available places.
I would greatly appreciate your circulation of my opinion.

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