Why is government allowing South Africa to harass Zambians over yellow fever?

It is time the Zambian Government stepped in and stopped this Madness by South Africa.

Iam a Zambian living in Australia.

I recently travelled to Zambia, but l had drama at the airport.  I booked to fly South African airway in-transit to Zambia.

To my surprise when checking in at the airport, domestic connection to Perth, a Qantas lady told me there was a warning in the system against my record.

She called her supervise to explain what the warning was all about. The supervisor came and accessed South African airways records and in red it was written not to allow me board SAA in Perth if l had no yellow fever certificate.

Qantas staff where equally surprised with the restrictions because there is no yellow fever in Australia and l was in-transit to Zambia and not from Zambia.

Qantas staff rang SAA in Perth to clarify why they imposed it on a person in-transit to Zambia.  They told them it was SA Government policy.  “The record is singled out because he is proceeding to Zambia and all Zambians need a yellow fever”, they said.  The plane to Perth left me behind.  A Qantas supervisor sympathized with me and told to quickly go to a travel doctor in the city and get vaccinated. They promised to put me on the next connecting fight which was leaving in two hour and would find SAA still in Perth.  I was very thankful to Qantas.  I got Yellow certificate and  l got to Perth before SAA flew out.

The big question is why leave a Zambian abroad because he is going to Zambia without a Yellow book?  Where is our government?


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