‘Why is govt celebrating that nine Zambians will be hanged in Thailand?’

The nine Zambian citizens who have been arrested and detained in Malaysia and Thailand for drug trafficking related offences as well as alleged use of fake passports brings in question the role and use of government.
Zambia has no serious government going by the conduct of its leaders. No serious government can go about bragging and happily announcing the intended hanging of its own citizens. It should be a sobering experience to note that our own citizens and women for that matter are on the threshold of being executed in a foreign country.
The most this government can do is just to announce the despicable act of hanging them and releasing their passport profile and do-nothing more.
The leverage in the arms of government is for the purposes of helping to secure and arm twist foreign governments on behalf of our citizens to secure their safety and if necessary their release.
Civilized governments would have sent their own teams and embassy staff to monitor proceedings and make sure their citizens get a free and fair trial.
In any case what we see from the British and American governments is that they negotiate to have those citizens found with cases abroad brought back home to serve their respective sentences in their respective countries.

Nason Msoni

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