Why is Kelvin Fube defending Valden Findlay?

Why is Kelvin Fube defending Valden Findlay?

Why Is KBF Always Defending Crooks, Criminals?

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Kelvin Fube Bwalya – KBF says National Democratic (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili must ‘reconcile’ with Valden Findlay, and not attack each other in the drug saga.

We don’t understand Kelvin.

Chishimba has raised very important questions, of why Valden is always seen with President Edgar Lungu – in a plane that tax payers money spend on.

Again, Chishimba has raised an important issue that, Valden has been named as a close associate of a drug lord, yet he is a close mate of president Edgar Lungu , giving an impression that the President could be a conduit through which drugs are traded.

There is nothing political about these serious and important issues Chishimba is raising.

Haven’t we all seen Valden being part of the entourage of Lungu on the same plane which tax payers are funding? What authority or law is Edgar using to tag along friends like Valden on that plane?

When Kelvin called for a press briefing, we had hoped he would join calls for the accountability of Edgar’s association with Valden, whose name is now associated with serious criminals in the business of selling drugs.

We are surprised that Kelvin seem to be asking Chishimba to reconcile with Valden and not talk about these things which the NDC leader has raised.

It is very clear that Kelvin is a serious beneficiary of the proceeds of drugs which Valden and his friends are trading in.

That so-called press conference by Kelvin is nothing but embarrassing, stupid and an insult to the Zambian people.

While we know that no human is imperfect or blameless , we had placed so much respect and hope on Kelvin that he is morally upright and reasonable enough beyond the common garbage of politicians we have today. But from today, we do not think Kelvin is who has has been portraying he is. He is not different from the idiots in the political environment today.

If Kelvin can have guts to assemble a press conference to blatantly defend criminals in such a manner, what more morals does he rape when not in the public scrutiny?

It takes very little knowledge – if a little is all that one has – to realise that Kelvin is not speaking for the sake of talking. He has hired himself as a spokesperson and mediator of Valden not because there is anything noble about all this.

Clearly, if Valden goes down, Kelvin will not have financial means to undertake his political project.

It is this that has motivated Kelvin to behave in such a discredited manner – to throw away scruples and defend criminals.

If Kelvin can do this while he has no power, what more when he is given power? Are these the type of leaders that this country need?

What surprises is that Edgar himself is mute and it is people like Kelvin that want to play as if they are anywhere near those accused in this web of thugs.

We know that Valden has a lot of money to spill and dish out to those that have power. And perhaps, Kelvin is very much a beneficiary.

We were just naïve to believe that this is someone who is worth trusting. We should have counter checked him properly. Kelvin has actually always been a defender of crooks.

He is the one who was busy defending Kapoko and his fellow crooks for stealing from poor Zambians. He is the one who is today defending – in court – the Chinese crooks who are busy illegally loan shaking people and grabbing their property. This is someone who is even defending the former ZAF commander Chimesa over the serious corruption charges – which we all know are not fabricated but true.

Just a simple analysis of the caliber of elements that Kelvin defends at court will tell you so much about his own character.

It should be remembered that, in times when people should be discussing load shedding, prices of mealie meal and all the hardship facing the people, Kelvin opted to take some time off to defend Valden, a suspect in the trading of drugs.

This is part of Kelvin’s political legacy. He must not be trusted with leadership because he is just as useless and stupid as the criminals he is busy defending today.

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