Why is Lungu coercing HH to recognise him?

The arrest, on trumped up charges, of Hakainde Hichilema reveals Edgar Lungu’s crooked reasoning.

Why should a person with a well-rounded reasoning faculty try so hard to force Hakainde to recognise him as president if he honourably won the elections?

Is Hakainde the electoral commission of Zambia chairperson who was caught announcing wrong election results and declared Lungu winner for him to seek validation from Hakainde?

Is Hakainde one of the political advisors that told Lungu to refuse to hand over power to the speaker of the national assembly when the petition was filed with the court for him to seek endorsement from Hakainde?

Is Hakainde the president of the constitutional court that did not declare Lungu winner after the court injudiciously threw away the petition for him to seek validation from Hakainde?

Is Hakainde the chief justice or deputy chief Justice who refused to swear in Lungu for him to seek validation from Hakainde?

So why this extreme and dangerous obsession for recognition from Hakainde?

Lungu knows very well that he has committed a number of crimes that have betrayed the constitution and the country at large.

He has committed treason and if Hakainde does not recognise him he will one day account for his treasonous actions because Hakainde has a strong conscience and would want the law to take its course even though it might be unpopular right from wrong.

He has also failed to effectively exercise power and authority in his leadership because of Hakainde’s refusal to recognize him, an indication of how powerful Hakainde is within and outside the country.

By coercing Hakainde to recognise him Lungu thinks people will bury the hatchet and ‘decriminalise’ his treasonous actions.

Even if Hakainde was to recognize Lungu today that will not stop law abiding citizens from treating Lungu’s actions such as failing to hand over power to the speaker as illegal and above all as treason.

Hakainde is not parliament and neither is he the supreme law of the land to ‘decriminalise’ Lungu’s criminal offences by recognizing him.

Free the political prisoner!
By Given Mutinta

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