Why is Lungu silent on money laundering report ?

Why is Lungu silent on money laundering report ?


The continued silence and failing to act  by President  Edgar Lungu on the Financial Intelligence Center( FIC) report is worrisome and speaks volume.

The President is at crossroads of grand corruption. He has failed to act  because his trusted  presidential  aides and ministers have been mentioned in the report.

This is evident that the President has been held at ransom by the so called few powerful individuals.

He  is highly indebted to the few believed to have put him in power govt. His loyalty is not to the zambian people any more.

Why is Dora siliya playing fairytale politics on the FIC report.? What is more important the procedure of communication or the content of the report? If  the procedure was not followed ,why was attorney general present during the launch ? Is it because Dora has been mentioned  in a report?

As long the President is in forefront  shielding his aides and Ministers it is very difficut for Police and DEC to excute their duty.

Can President Edgar lungu please relieve the duties of the named Ministers to allow the law enforcement agencies to do their work without  fear of favour.

Vincent Chaile 

President for Radical Revolutionary Party

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